Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hats, hats and MORE HATS!

This chair full of hats is for St. Jude's.

It's hat season! And boy do I love it!

I learned to crochet almost 10 years ago and love it. I was making blankets and small pot holders, scarves, anything flat and square. Finally I wanted to learn how to make hats. It took a bit of learning (from books and the internet) and I finally got the hang of working in the round or circular. It was a bit tricky and there is counting and math involved.

I started learning with a hat pattern and now I can't stop making hats. I've made so many over the years that I had to find something to do with them. So, I started up Sweet N Simple Designs to help with my addition. This way I can sell them to those that just have to have the cute Owl hats, Angry birds and Sock Monkey hats! I do all kinds of hats and in any size! Even Barbie size. heh

I've also decided that since I love making hats so much that I should make some for those that need them. And what better reciepients than those children at St. Judes that are under going all sorts of horrific treatments and loosing their hair. They need to keep their heads warm! So, I'm preparing to send my first box of hats! It's almost full, but I'm not sending it until its PACKED! I think I can get about 10 more hats in there. Right now I've got about 45.

Here is the pic of my favorite hat.

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Recent Shows I've done with my hats:

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Anonymous said...

Love it Rachel, and better yet your favorite hat is on my daughter's head almost everyday. She wears it around the house and looks just about as cute as can be :0) Jessie F.