Monday, August 22, 2011

Here Comes September!

September is a busy busy time for me! Not only because school just started but because this means I have to start making holiday plans! So far, we don't have anything set in stone for traveling...

I am already getting orders for handmade goods. Be sure to check out and "like" me on facebook at or just search for Sweet N Simple Designs (Local Business)

I run specials and have a benefit/Charity Auction once a month!

I am starting to get the Christmas orders, as well as working on Halloween specials. So be sure to place your order soon!

How Ordering Works:

You can contact me via Facebook, Etsy or email at (Those are zeros not letters)

Make sure when ordering that you are sure to tell me what sizes you need. Most of my hats are very stretchy and will fit child-adults. However, the newborn and infant ones do not.

Not sure what you want? Just send me an email and we'll figure it out!

I do mostly hats, but love mittens, scarves, diaper soakers (for cloth diapering), pillowcase dresses and MORE!

Follw me on Facebook today!

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